​At Booths of Ditton we understand the need for flexible solutions to financing your next Peugeot, which is why we offer competitive rates of new and used vehicle finance, designed to suit your individual needs. Whether you're looking to change cars every three years, or to simply spread the cost of a used Peugeot over a period of time that works for you, we can help.

We have three basic types of finance available:

Personal Contract Purchase

This option allows you to put down an affordable deposit, from no upfront payment to up to 40% of the vehicle's price. Monthly payments can then be tailored to your circumstances by deferring some of the cost to a final payment, at the end of the contract. An agreed annual mileage helps us to estimate the final value of your Peugeot at the end of the contract term. 

Contract Hire

If the idea of owning a vehicle and worrying about its residual value sounds like something you would rather not deal with, Personal Contract Hire could just be the best solution for you. Consider it simply a long-term contract to lease a new or used Peugeot, but without actually owning it, thus removing any associated stresses and complications. 

Personal Finance Lease

A great option again for those wanting to do without the headache of vehicle ownership, but in need of more flexibility when it comes to the length of their contract period. This helps you to keep the cost of having access to a vehicle well within your monthly budget, and affords you four options at the end of the contract. 

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To find out more out our used and new Peugeot Finance services, why not pop in to your local Booths Peugeot dealership, where one of our highly trained and experienced team will be happy to help.