Peugeot Motability Adaptions

Whether you make regular short-distance journeys or travel longer distances, we at Booths of Ditton want to make your on-road experience as enjoyable as possible – and that means making comfort a priority.

We make it incredibly easy for the car of your choice to be adapted to suit your needs – whether that means additional storage space for a wheelchair or motability scooter, or changes to the way you slip behind the wheel or into the backseat. In fact, over 40,000 customers on the Motability Scheme already have adaptations fitted to their cars to help make driving or travelling as a passenger easier and more convenient, and we will work to ensure you too can take advantage of the adjustments.

Adaptations generally fall into three categories:

  • Driving adaptations to help improve your driving experience
  • Stowage adaptations which allow you to stow your scooter or wheelchair
  • Access adaptations which help you get in and out of the car

So, what adaptations are available within the Peugeot range?



Whatever you need to carry - be it passengers, wheelchairs, walking sticks, furniture, etc. - Peugeot models focus on accessibility, with models such as the Peugeot Partner Tepee offering large sliding doors, a generous tailgate with a wide opening angle, and a rear windscreen that can be easily opened – ideal if you don’t have much room to manoeuvre when getting things out.

Peugeot Partner Teepee Accessibility

Boot capacity

Boot capacity is of paramount importance for many customers. While some days you may not need to carry anything, other days you might have a lot of luggage. That’s why extra space is essential. Cars such as the Peugeot 2008 SUV have a large boot capacity as well as rear-folding seats which can create additional room.

Peugeot Boot Capacity


Peugeot i-Cockpit®

The Peugeot i-Cockpit® is available on the 208, new 2008 SUV, 308, and 308 SW, and is all about connectivity and making your driving experience as unique and comfortable as possible. With an eight-inch touchscreen and a customisable and configurable head-up digital display, as well as a compact steering wheel with integrated controls, you can expect the very best technology at your fingertips.


Multi-flex interiors

With models such as the all-new Peugeot 5008 SUV and the Peugeot Partner Tepee, you can enjoy dozens of possible seating combinations. You can choose up to seven seats and all of them (apart from the driver’s seat) can be individually folded flat to create plenty of additional space.

Peugeot Multi-flex Interiors


Raised driving position

The raised driving position of the 2008 SUV gives you an optimum view of the road ahead, helping to create a unique driving experience. These models are also easier to get in and out of, making them a good choice for anyone who struggles to bend down or push up into a standing position.

Red Peugeot 2008SUV Front Exterior


As not all adaptations are suitable for every type of car, it’s strongly recommended that you work out what type of adaptation you need before you make your final vehicle selection – after all, we don’t want you to be disappointed. Speak to our Motability specialists about your requirements and find out which cars are most likely to work for you with your chosen adaptations.