Where and When to Visit the Saturnalia Parade and Winter Watch

This year the Saturnalia Parade and Winter Watch will combine to create a fantastic evening of entertainment.

On 13 December from 7pm until 8pm the Deva Victrix 20th Legion, otherwise known as the Roman Legion will start the parade by winding through Eastgate Street in the heart of Chester. The torch-lit procession is an amazing scene, which people of all ages can enjoy, and was traditionally held to battle the darkness and ask for a good harvest. The lights symbolise the gifts offered to the Roman Sun God centuries ago.

Once the Roman Legion have completed their parade, they will hand over to the city leaders for the Winter Watch, another historic event, which involves the leaders handing the keys over to the city watch.

For over 80 years, employees at Booths of Ditton have been enjoying this celebration. We are proud to serve customers across Chester and support our local community. If you’re in need of a new car this winter, our experienced team are always available to welcome you and discuss our wide variety of services.